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Using Deals/CRM for upsells & customer retention programs


In my business, we tend to be engaged by clients for multiple projects at once. Some are concurrent, some are sequential (one after another). What are some best practices to set up those deals in AC?

Similarly, when a client engages us for certain types of services, we know that in a couple of months we’ll want to recommend other services. What are some ways that can be designed or automated, or is this starting to push beyond the simplistic intent of the CRM?


In regards to automating follow up, I would add the client to an automation when the deal is marked as “won”. Start the automation by waiting for x days, then send your suggestive sell. If you’re tagging clients with the type of service they purchased, you can use this to send them relevant add-ons based on their previous purchases.

We don’t really have to manage concurrent deals, but I can imagine how that could be problematic with automations. I’d love to hear some best practices for this as well.


I worked on this today and came up with 3 pipelines:

  1. Primary sales pipeline
  2. Passive leads pipeline (where I’ll create future deals for existing clients based on their needs, and move deals to if they tell me to hold off for a couple months or something…this could eventually be automated using tagging but you get the idea)
  3. Active projects pipeline (where concurrent projects get added as individual deals, each in the “kickoff” stage with a time-based task to organize them accordingly).

It’s not perfect but it’ll allow me to keep a pretty good eye on my potential, current, and upcoming pipeline.