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URGENT: All Automations Not Working

Hi everyone,

I’ve contacted support 9+ times about this issue with no resolution. Our entire business is non-functional due to this issue and I’ll be switching to another platform in a few days if this is not fixed,

Automations are completely broken in our account. All contacts get stuck inside of wait blocks in every automation we build.

We’ve lost tens of thousands in new sales this week that would normally come through these funnels before switching to ActiveCamapig.

Can someone please help with this???

Hi Matthew, thanks for your feedback here. I can see you spoke to our Support team and I am sorry this is happening.

As you know, this is something our Product Team is aware of, and are reviewing for enhancements, however, an ETA is not in place right now.

This was recommended to you by email but to repeat again for you, or anyone else on the Community facing the same.

  • Try to use fewer Wait blocks where-ever possible. The less these are needed right now the easier your automation will run.

  • A one for all Wait block, assigning by bulk contacts to hit a wait block can cause some automation delays. Avoid this wherever possible.

I know this answer is not ideal so if you’d like to take a call with one of our Enablement Team, feel free to book in some time here to discuss potential workaround and solutions for now.

Book in Time

Thanks again for your feedback here. I’ve escalated this to the Product Team again today.

Hey Stephen,

I’m still incredibly confused and not sure any other way to word it. I’m trying to use automations. Period. It can’t be that unreasonable to schedule a series of emails. This has to be something wrong with my account in particular because I find it hard to believe the most basic features of your platform are broken and people aren’t leaving in droves.

I’m trying to setup an autoresponder. That’s it. But every time a lead hits a “wait” block the whole automation freezes.

I understand Matthew and the frustration this is causing. We’d need to take a closer look at your account than what is capable here on the forums in this particular case. Can you please (if you have not already) click the book in time button in my last comment so you can arrange time to jump on a call with one of our experts who can help walk you through the process. Thanks!


I’m having the exact same problem. Please urgently fix it for my account as well

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I seem to be having the same problem too. I have been testing my automation to ensure that it is working. The initial email fires, but the emails in succession don’t fire at all. It just shows that they are in the “queue”, but they don’t send from there. Can somebody help me with this?


Looks like it’s good now, disregard my post. thanks

Thanks for getting back @peaklevelmarketing

we have the same problem. the contacts do not move further out of the waiting loop, although the link has been clicked and link tracking is active. a quick help would be very important, because otherwise we cannot use our double-opt-in solution and therefore the tool is useless for us