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Uploaded images in AC form break HTTPS websites



I have an ActiveCampaign form in my Wordpress website who use SSL (HTTPS), and I have mixed content on my page that includes HTTP resources → It comes from images that I uploaded in my ActiveCampaign forms.
AC used short link, like in my example :

And this link redirect to :

Which is not using HTTPS protocole, so I canno’t make my website work with HTTPS.

Can you please use HTTPS link when using image in forms or everywhere else in ActiveCampaign?

Why your amazon S3 ( still using HTTP?

Thank a lot for answering and helping me with this big issue.


I’ve asked the very same question for months and am simply ignored.


We paid monthly or annually for ActiveCampaign right?

Why we are being ignored for such a simple fix?


Hey @mlodiesachs,

Sorry for the delay in responding! We had to check in with our Product team to get a status update. At this time, we don’t have an ETA for an update for AWS, but this is something that’s on the docket. We’ll follow up once we have a more solid timeline.

In the meantime, you can use an HTML block on inline forms to add https images. Please let us know if you have any questions!



I did a workaroud similar to this to make this work, but it’s ugly and I shoudn’t have to do that to make HTTPS work with AC on my website.

Please keep me updated when this will be fix.


More than a year later and this issue still persists. Please fix it ASAP.