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Updating lists a contact subscribes to


We have several lists for different interests. We also have an opt-in form where the user can indicate their interests by checking boxes for any lists they’d like.

I’ve noticed that if a user completes a couple checkboxes during one visit, and later completes the form again and chooses different checkboxes, they are not added to the new lists (the checkboxes selected during the second session that were not selected during the first session).

How can I make the form update their list selections in an additive way? In other words, if they don’t select a checkbox the second time that they did the first time, I don’t want them removed from that list.


hmmm. I would set up the checkboxes to be a custom field on the user. Then have an automation that listens for changes in that field (the start trigger) and manages their list subscription appropriately.

This means that with some IF/ELSE statements you could subscribe them to new lists, and not unsubscribe them, however I wouldn’t necessarily call that a good best practice.

You should try and practice good list hygiene and send contacts content that they want to consume. This will keep deliverability high, and your numbers clean for analysis.

In fact, I have suggested previously that you should preemptively remove folks from the lists they are not actively engaging in your content, and give them ample opportunities to do so on their own.


Thanks, but the reason I’m offering the checkboxes is exactly so they can only receive content they are interested in. We have a range of products, and my goal is to segment my lists based on those interests, not merely whether they are customers.

If I switch to using the API for the form could this be done?


Hi. It turns out it already works exactly as I wanted. I think when I was testing it, there was a delay in the lists appearing in the contact so it appeared it wasn’t working. Now it’s happening instantly. :slight_smile:


@surfcityapps - on your form, do you prefill the checkboxes, so when the user returns they can see what they’ve already indicated for interests? Or are they always presented with a blank set of checkboxes?

I’m also trying to use checkboxes on a (preference) form to refine interests. I can’t figure out out to prefill the checkboxes when a user returns on subsequent visits to the form.


@followyourlight I do not prefill the form with their previous responses. If I did, it might give the user the impression that if they then deselect one of the items, they are unsubscribing from that list, which would not be the case.


@surfcityapps - fair enough. Thanks.

For my use case I am trying to set up these checkboxes on a preferences screen which would mean deselected will unsubscribe them (after the corresponding automation runs).


Hello, I am attempting to create automations based upon checkboxes, however when i select “custom fields” the checkboxes on from my form are notnshowing up for me to create an automation. How do I get the chechbox fields to show up so I can segment them?