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Unsubscribe Preferences for Multiple Lists


I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue as Unsubscribe Preferences for multiple lists is common. There is also a high chance I’ve overlooked a feature or, for whatever reason, just can’t figure it out.

Has anyone had any success generating an Unsubscribe Page that allows a user to select from multiple lists and also provides a general “Unsubscribe from All” button?

I tried creating a form using Wufoo and interfacing it via Zapier to ActiveCampaign. While I can successfully use that to manage subscribes, I haven’t seen a way to remove someone from a list - only add.

To clarify, I’m aware of the Unsubscribe Form attached to each list. I’m essentially looking for a master unsubscribe form that displays 4 lists to choose from.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Nevermind, all. I figured it out! Glad to help if anyone else has the same issue.


I posted this in another thread but this will work for you:
1 Make a page on your site.
2 Make a new form in AC with the choices you want like “Unsub from All emails” " just get free stuff" " no marketing emails" or whatever your personal choices are.
3. Embed that form on your page.
4. Put the option in your emails to Update Your Preferences and send them to your page.
5 Have an automation that watches for the choices (custom fields) and tags them with their choice
6. Segment that way.

Or wait for the update form AC (hopefully) :slight_smile:


Just wondering if this was your solution itemmedia or did you have a different method?


Hi ItemMedia. Can I please ask how you went about this? I’m trying to do exactly the same. Thanks


Hi realestateresults,

After discussing with the ActiveCampaign team, I came up with the following…

  1. I used the general Unsubscribe form. This unsubscribes the individual only from the list that the email is sent from.
  2. In the opening copy of the Unsubscribe confirmation page, I added a note stating “You have been unsubscribed from this list. To manage your complete subscription preferences, click here.”
  3. The “click here” portion links to a new form I created. I called this form the Subscription Preferences Form. It starts with copy asking the user to update their subscription preferences. Next, it provides an email address field. Then, I have a block of copy detailing the definitions of each list that they can subscribe or unsubscribe from. Then, in the Fields section towards the right, I moved over to Options, down to Form Actions, and made sure there was a Field Action of “Subscribe to List” for each of the lists I wanted the user to manage.
  4. After I updated the above, I went back to the “Fields” section, moved over to “Standard”, and placed the “List Selector” field. This should now have a checklist containing each of the lists you added Form Actions for.
  5. After placing List Selector, I then placed the “Subscribe/Unsubscribe” field listed in the same “Standard” section as the List Selector. This field appears to be directly linked to the “Form Action” lists and will only take action on those checked in the “List Selector” field.
  6. I adjusted the copy for each option a bit. The List Selector field was renamed to “Select the lists you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe from.” and the “Subscribe/Unsubscribe” is “Choose whether to subscribe or unsubscribe.”
  7. In the footer of each email, in addition to the Unsubscribe option that is automatically added to each email by ActiveCampaign, I have a “Update your subscription preferences.” link that points to the form from above.

This is a bit of a backwards way to do it, but it appears to be working so far.


In the case, where someone uses the same email address for every list… the customer will get unsubed from every single list, right?

One other thing that is kind of a bummer is this:
If someone unsubs and chooses “This is Spam” as the reason, Activecampaign will add them to a blacklist. From then on, that person can never get back onto ANY LIST on your account ever again in the future.

We have a ton of “older” folks on our list. Many of them have clicked unsub and chosen “This is Spam” as the reason… and they have done it carelessly or as a mistake. Then they call our help number and complain that they are not getting any notifications about their product updates etc.(Funny right)

The process for getting someone back on your list (who has unsubbed in that manner) requires the customer to send an email to Activecampaign and ask to be removed from the blacklist. After some back and forth they can get “un-blacklisted” and get your emails again… but most of ours have had to be moved back to Aweber because they won’t do all that.

I understand that AC is protecting their deliverability reputation by adding people to a blacklist… and I get it. I would recommend getting people’s phone numbers or you literally won’t have any way to contact them otherwise.


Defo we need some attention here. Preferences should be on activehosted side, as we do on Klaviyo. Users should know that there is the option to manage preferences before confirming unsubscribing.
Preferences page should be “in (activecampaign) house” and template should be editable. So user can choose, for example:
How frequently would you like to receive our news?
About what subjects should we keep you updated?

That’s my 2 cents.


Thanks for the feedback. My understanding is that we’ll be revisiting this at some point and we’ll be sure to take your suggestion into account.


Hi Brian, given that the last comment on this ticket was about 10 months ago just wondering if there is any update as to whether this is on the ActiveCampaign roadmap?.. We could obviously build a solution through the ActiveCampaign APIs but don’t want to go down that route if not necessary Thanks, Claire


I’m with Claire! :point_up:


C’mon @Brian and team… this is one of those things AC should provide us with. Particularly as best practice dictates we use tags rather than lists in AC, so AC should provide a way for us to help our prospects and clients to manage their preferences easily. Without the need for us to build too much in the way of custom forms.

Let’s have an update please - it’s now Sept 6th 2017




Hi all, this issue has been addressed in another topic, with a workaround, so you can let contacts choose after unsubscribing, to still receive product updates or so. Unsubscribes


I addressed this in the thread that @diyarchitecten refers to, but thought I’d let everyone here know as well.

I’m a Certified ActiveCampaign Consultant and kept running into the “email preference center” problem on ActiveCampaign as well, so I asked a great developer I know to create a plugin for WordPress that addresses this. You can check it out at

Yes, there is a free and paid version of this plugin, but I do not get any financial compensation from this at all other than I got a free lifetime license for me and my clients since it was my idea. :slight_smile:

But it’s very flexible allowing you to choose / omit lists from your preference center, overwrite the list name for public viewing, give each list its own description, and it even can pull the email from a logged in WordPress user and get their list subscriptions that way.

Doesn’t require any global list setup or any automations and I’m using it for nearly all of my clients now.


@nearviewmedia Wow, that plugin is very impressive and should get much more attention. It really adds a great feature to AC that many were missing. I wish I discovered it much earlier! Kudos!


Sounds great. The other 70% of the internet that’s not using WordPress still needs a native solution by ActiveCampaign. Hope to see something great from the every-growing team over there! :slight_smile:


Here’s my take on a more elegant solution for people to self-select which of your ActiveCampaign lists they want to remain subscribed to or unsubscribe from.

I integrated ActiveCampaign with a form on my website (Gravity Forms for WordPress) and a custom-built ActiveCampaign automation.

Here’s the video walkthrough of it all:

For the non-WordPress users, it’s probably not difficult to adapt this same setup to a different forms tool like TypeForm, Wufoo, or to use an ActiveCampaign-powered form, paired with an automation like this.

Hope that helps!