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Tabs, page title suggestion


Hi there,

You might notice the tabs in your browser all have the same name, which is the title of that page.
AC seems to “title” every page your organisation name, instead of the internal name like “deals” or “contact name: Contact” See screen shot:

Anyone else have this problem?

Feature request/ suggestion: just change the order you output the title
%Organisation% ActiveCampaign %PageName%
%PageName% %Organisation% ActiveCampaign




I agree… Will try to get that worked into our dev backlog at some point


I have made a little tamper monkey script to fix this :grinning:

2 user scrips for the TamperMonkey chrome extension.

  1. All pages
  2. Contact specific page, that puts the contact name at the start of the title tab


  1. Install TamperMonkey Extension
  2. Install User Scripts
  3. If you have a custom URL for Active Campaign, update line 8
  4. Refresh Page

Let me know if it doesn’t work for you. Free to use. No support, but happy to offer some help if possible.