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Subscriber subscribes to list multiple times - re run automation


I have a basic automation where a subscriber subscribes to an ebook on a landing page - the list is called Ebook. When they subscribe to this list an automation runs and they are sent an email with a link to the email.
If the subscriber goes back to the landing page and tries to resubscribe i.e. to get the ebook again, they aren’t captured as reentering the or resubscribing to the Ebook List and therefore the automation isn’t started and they don’t get sent the automation.
I can see a case where the subscriber wants to re download the ebook as they have deleted it. Therefore is there a way to allow a subscriber to resubscribe to a list they are already a member of?



Note I have set the automation to run multiple times, the issue is the automation isn’t run as Activecampaign isn’t subscribing them to a list.


I have found this forum and tried what it said but it doesn’t seem to work

My original workflow is

  • Clickfunnels with a capture form - capture form is set to subscribe to a list,
  • Automation, once they subscribe to a list they get sent and email

As per the other thread Subscribing Twice Help
I have updated the automation to be set as ‘when they submit a form’ but this isn’t triggering. And the form says it has no entries yet when a subscriber first subscribes they are added to the correct list


After the form is completed, does it redirect to a subscription confirmation landing page or similar? If so, you could try using the trigger “Web page is visited” instead.