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Starting Automation After Initial Date

I have created a new automation to send emails to clients. It starts by checking if the date is after the 1st of the month, if so, it sends an email at 9am on the first Tuesday after the 1st.

My question is if I make it active after that first Tuesday, will it send the second email if it hasn’t sent the first one? Is the second email reliant on the first?

Flow is as follows:

Check if date is 1st of month
Then check if day is Tuesday
Then check if time is 9am
If so, send email 1
Wait 7 days
Send email 2
Wait 7 days
Send email 3
Wait 7 days
Send email 4

If I create and activate the above on Wednesday after the 1st, will email 2 be sent, or do I have to manually send email 1 in order to trigger the 7 day wait and the sending of email 2?

I hope that makes some sort of sense, thanks!