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Source data with 2 tables


Hi There,
We got a database with two tables customers and cars, where a customer can have multiple cars.
We want to trigger our campaign based on cars data to send email to customer.
Is it something possible with active campaign ?
Thank You,


Yes this is possible. You can use tags or custom fields to save the car that belongs to the customer. In this way you can segment your campaigns and send the right campaign to the right contacts with that specific car.


Yes we thought at this solution, but how do you do with several cars for one customer ?
Some customers got 1 car but most of the time one customer got 2/3 cars or more …


Yeah, this is a typical one-to-many type of model that isn’t well supported by a marketing automation database. But there is hope:

The deal to contact relationship in A/C is a one to many. If I were in your position I would experimenter with modeling each car as a deal, each with the same contact. I haven’t worked with deals much in A/C so I can’t say this would work for your purposes, but it would probably only take a half hour of messing around to find out.

Good luck!