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Slow email and trigger not always firing?


I am in the process of setting this up for the first time and am ready to import my contacts but have noticed some issues:

  • There is an intermittent delay to some subscribers. That is, some get the first message right away, others not for hours, others not at all
  • I have set up a trigger for certain pages on my site. Some people are added to the automation, others are not. Do they have to be logged in to an account or is it enough for them to be a subscriber who then clicks a link


@thesponsorshipcollec Thanks for reaching out. I work on the deliverability team at ActiveCampaign, so “sending speed” is definitely something I can help with.

Unfortunately mainstream inbox providers like Yahoo and Hotmail/Outlook can’t be relied upon for quick delivery. It only takes a split second for our system to “send” a message, but these email providers often delay or defer the messages we send them for quite a while before delivering them to the inbox. Other providers like Gmail are much better, and you will often see your Gmail messages deliver to the inbox in just a few seconds.

In other words, the delays you may see are not a technical failing or a “slowness” of our servers — the issue is that we are at the mercy of the inbox provider who chooses how quickly to accept and deliver a message. Often, the inbox provider is intentionally delaying incoming emails as a security precaution. Gmail is very quick, but most other providers are slower.

If you can submit a ticket to I can take a look at your particular account and see if there is anything we can do to speed things up.

You can read here for more information on that topic:

Now, about the automation trigger sometimes working sometimes not, it’s hard to say from the outside what might be happening. There should be no need to be logged in. Is there any way you could send a ticket to and tell us what specific contacts failed to trigger an automation? We should be able to spot the issue right away.


I am facing the similar issue, but worse: those with Yahoo and Outlook email addresses never received my campaign. You mentioned that this issue is caused by the inbox providers and not your server. However, I don’t understand how my Outlook email account is able to receive emails from immediately after I submitted a request. Could you please have a look at my account and see if there is anything you can do to fix this up? Thanks!