Skype help


I have something I spend about 3 hours with trying to figure out a solution to a problem with my automation.
I can not resolve it and need help.

( I have three different tags, for each tag, it is an. Email that is the same. How do I make sure he does not get the automation three times)

Can anyone make a skype call with me to explain it?
It seems to be a simple solution, but at the time it is not resolved. ( I do not want to spend so much time at this)

Happy to hear if you can point me in the right direction.

Thank you


Hi Maria (@maria411),

If you are looking to do a call to walk you through this I would recommend contacting Support or you can schedule a one-on-one training.

Either way we should be able to help!



maria411, is the answer you need simply to use the ‘run once’ option in the automation trigger?


Thanks for your answer.

No , “run once” is not the solution.



Thanks, Perry.

I am working with support now, and they have themselves a problem with this.

I wait a few days, and then I will schedule a call.

Thank you



Thanks for keeping us in the loop on this, Maria!