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Site Tracking not working on my sites



I set up correctly site tracking and apparently it has stopped tracking data about 6 days ago. I have no idea why it doesn’t track data anymore.

Anybody can offer some help?


Hi there!

Could you send a quick email to with your ActiveCampaign URL and the site you’re tracking? We’d like test to see what’s going on. We’ll make sure to update this post as well once we know what happened.



I have the same problem. Wrote in support of so nothing decided. :frowning:


Hey there!

Can I have your ticket number? I can go ahead and check in to see the status of your request.




Hi have the same problem. My ticket is 1069431. Thanks a lot.


Hi there!

It looks like Javier on our Support team was able to help. Since you are using Thrive themes, which doesn’t automatically apply the tracking code cookie to a contact, you can also use this method to track contacts: