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Site Messaging Issue - Please Help (Support Can't)

Hey everyone, I have an issue with the Site Messaging feature - Support has not been helpful and the issue continues to persist.

I created an automation three days ago to test out site messaging. It was very basic and was just set to trigger upon a specific page view. I tested it by visiting the page, and it showed up.

One of the problems were that it would not close when using the “X”. It simply expanded and when clicking the expanded window X, it changed to its smaller format.

Another issue was that it was displaying improperly, in front and behind elements.

I disabled and then deleted the automation.

The site message still showed up for me.

I cleared my cache multiple times, but the site message still shows up. I’m not sure if it’s showing up for other contacts, but it’s not showing up for visitors not on my contact list.

Support has been unable to help, and every response seems like they’re not even reading my emails - they didn’t even know about this functionality when I initially contacted them.

Anyone have an idea what’s up and how I can remove this? It’s been three days.

@eversafemedia - I apologize for any disconnect with our support team. They’re still being ramped up on the features included with this beta and this is something we intend to improve with our process moving forward.

Not being able to close the site message by clicking the X icon sounds like a bug. You probably continued to see it because it hadn’t been closed yet (due to the bug).

Can you email me what automation in your account this occurred in? My email is tjahn at activecampaign dot com. Thanks!