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Sending SMS from an automation via a third party supplier. i.e. Twilio



We reselling Active Campaign accounts with templates, automations and SMS. We want the accounts to be able to set up automations that send SMS messages via our supplier, a third party not integrated with Active Campaign.

The question is how do we setup the automation so that our clients can add a step were they specify the message text and delivery phone number, and it is routed via our supplier.

  1. We have thought of using ‘Notify someone’ option. This allows the client to set the Message, the Subject (phone number to send to) and ‘Send to’ would be an email account we monitor. This would work except there would be no reporting in AC around invalid phone numbers.

Are they other options for effectively integration third party sms into Active Campaign?



Hi Steve (@millsave),

Depending on the third party you are using, you should be able to use Zapier to integrate the third party with ActiveCampaign.

Hope that helps,



Hi folks,

Just wondering how others have handled sending SMS from ActiveCampaign using a different supplier? It would be good to know how you implemented the solution.



Hey there! Just getting started with ActiveCampaign and reading this thread, Does anyone use sending/receiving texts through Twilio or another 3rd party? Steve (@millsave) have you had any luck since last year?



Hey Dustin,

I don’t know if others have figured out a way, but I do have a solution to this! can be used to connect ActiveCampaign and Twilio.

You can do a lot with this integration like:

  • Send SMS/texts to new contacts
  • Update contacts on new SMS in twilio
  • Get alerts from Twilio for new deals in ActiveCampaign
    and many more!

You can read more about this here -