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Segment of Contacts in One List AND NOT in Another


I need to create a segment that I can use to send to contacts in List A who are not also in List B. I can’t find any step by step instructions for this or figure out how to do it.

List A - is a list of ALL my customers and is automatically added to by Shopify Integration.
List B - is a subset of list A. I created it on another system and imported them to list B. The subset was created using my own database to filter out this subset in ways that ActiveCampaign does support.

I want to send a campaign ONLY to users in A who are NOT in B? Any help here is most appreciated.



Hi @campuscube,

From what I’m understanding of your question, you would just send your campaign to the preferred list.



CampusCube, Alas, the AC response missed your point, didn’t it?

You want to send to A EXCLUDING anyone who’s on B. I asked AC for something similar and was told it was not possible to exclude. The extremely cumbersome workaround is to tag the people who are on B, then remove them from A.

It seems so rudimentary. I’m really disappointed in AC not allowing this.


Wouldn’t creating a Segment/Search with two segment groups work?

First Segment Group -> Contacts in List A
Second Segment Group 2 - Contacts NOT in list B