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Save data based on a click link, then personalize another email with that information


Hi there, I am an oncologist developing an email course about integrative medicine wherein people take four quizzes (on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health) at the end of each email, and they self-assess and click a hyperlink with the score out of four they got.

After these four “quiz emails” I want to send them an “email report card” that fills in the score they selected, such as:
Physical (_)
Mental (2)
Emotional (4)
Spiritual (4)

I see I can automate that a new tag is created when someone clicks on links, but I don’t see how I can then fill in the score they got using a personalization. I would think it would be better to update their custom field and use this as a personalization, but I see no way to implement this. I was almost certain you could insert specific text into an email to personalize based on a persons behavior. Do you have any other thoughts on how to implement this?

I had other automation hopes for this course, but establishing this is a great first step. The opt-in for the course is at and I am hoping to launch it very soon!