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Sales Force / Zapier (any 3rd party integration)



Our company is considering Sales Force.

I am wondering if there is anyone here who has successfully setup and Active Campaign / Sales Force integration and is really happy with it.

The key for us is to see a person’s tags and automations inside Salesforce. We really need this integration to work in a reliable manner.

Is Zapier the best way to do this? What does the Active Campaign data actually look like in a Salesforce dashboard?

Thank you for any information you can share.




Hi Robby (@masteringdiabetes),

Zapier is going to be your best bet for now. Though, we’re working on a Salesforce integration that we hope to have out next year sometime.

Hope this helps,



We actively use Zapier as trigger-based transport for moving data between SFDC (Salesforce) and AC (ActiveCampaign). This works quite reliably, but you must put a lot of thought into when to fire triggers and into not creating duplicates in SFDC.

Piesync is also very nice. Was a bit wobbly at the beginning, now it seems to be quite solid. That just generically/periodically syncs.


You can also connect Salesforce and AC with the help of Skyvia. It is no coding solution as well and it supports much more entities then Zapier does.