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RSS Feeds Campaign - I can't get it to work. :( [moved to support]

Hi. I have problems in getting my feed work for more than a week.
Keeping getting “URL provided is not a valid RSS feed” error messages.

my supposed feed =

All I want is for the subscribers to automatically receive updates as per their chosen categories.

I just upgraded today from a trial account thinking that it would solve the problem of trial limitation. Yet the problem stays unsolved till now.

Am I doing the wrong way?

Hi @liza385!

There could be a few things causing your feed to not populate. So, if you have not already, I’d like to open up a ticket for you with our support team! Would you mind PMing me your ActiveCampaign account URL, the campaign or automation link, and any other info that you think would help us troubleshoot?


Hi Ted! Thanks so much for the reply. Will pm you in a short while. :smiley:

Of course!

You can also email me at - whichever is easier for you :slight_smile:

Did this ever get solved as we have the same issue. We have now moved servers and are getting, please use a valid rss feed. So frustrating. it is valid as far as w3 say. So, what validation are you guys using?

One thing to try is adding or removing the slash on the end of the feed.

If that doesn’t resolve things, definitely submit a ticket so our support team can investigate.

If you could come back and update this thread when you get a response, that would be a big help to the community.

Hello Brian, I have the same problem,

my supposed feed is

I do not know if you can help me.