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Retrieve a user by API key


Hello, we’re currently trying to tackle a problem with our Active Campaign Integration and are looking for some help with finding the solution.

The problem we’re facing is that when we’re authenticating with AC, we also want to grab a unique user identifier (for example their email), so we can then use it as a unique label to assign to that particular instance of an authenticated Active Campaign connection. In our current implementation, we are utilizing the master account email. However, that is not sufficient because when the master account has different user that are also authenticating using their own API key, then their connections will also utilize the master account’s email, creating a list of identical Active Campaign accounts which are impossible to tell apart.

After looking into the v3 API documentation, we have found a confirmation that “Each user in your ActiveCampaign account has their own unique API key.”, that would mean we could maybe retrieve account details for the user who used their own API key, and as a result assign a unique identifier that would be different from the master account email, for example that user’s email address which is no doubt different from the master account.

However, we haven’t found a mention about anything that would resemble this in the API documentation. Is there any way of doing this? Maybe a workaround, or something completely different? We’d appreciate any help You could provide.