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Refer A Friend Campaign?


I searched and couldn’t find anything on this.

Use Case: I want to create a ‘refer a friend’ automation for my business, and reward folks that do. It’s different than an affiliate program, because the new contact is signing up for free education, so no $ to be had for the referral partner/original contact.

Here are the steps as I envision it:

  1. each existing contact I have has a unique referral code (custom field? contact id? some other unique identifier? I don’t want to use their email address)

  2. They share a link with their friends, with their referral code appended.

  3. The link leads to an AC form.

  4. the referral code, whatever it is, is stored in a hidden field for a custom field (named: who referred) on the friends form.

  5. if/when the friend submits the form, their contact record stores the referral code into “who referred” custom field, identifying who referred them.

  6. when the friend confirms their email via double opt-in, the original contact whose referral code we know, will get a +1 added to a custom field “friends referred”.

  7. if using a custom field for “referral code”, generate a unique identifier for the friend/new contact, and add it to their contact record so they have it available in the future for #2 when they refer a friend(s).

  8. when the original contact has a count of 3, 5, 10, whatever; trigger a sequence to send them their reward.

I’m not sure what to use for #1. I was thinking contact ID, but thought I read somewhere that if a contact is deleted from my list, their contact ID may be recycled? If I create a new custom field for referral code, how would I populate that for existing contacts?

I know how to do #2 through #5.

#6 REALLY has me stuck.

If using a custom field, I think Zapier might work for #7, but not sure? If it’s contact ID, or some other already existing unique identifier, then nothing needs to be generated/populated.

#8 is simple.

Any help on solving this, or a better way to do it is greatly appreciated. Like I said, #6 has me confounded.

Thank you for considering.



Love the steps and all the thought that went into it, but why not use something like Kickofflabs?

Ps: I hope someone smart can help out with #6.


Thank you for tendering a response. I was not aware of Kickofflabs. However, I am wishing to stay away from another paid service. There’s gotta be a way to do this inside of AC. I’m not giving up. LOL


For #6 you will probably have to send it out of AC and then have it come back into AC.

I would prob do this w some dev hack, but you could do it w zapier.

Custom zap for when contact is updated --> filter by updated is what you want --> search for the contact in zapier --> increment the field (or lead score!) / or event tracking on the referrer.


Did you ever find a solution for this? I want to do basically the same thing. When Dave forwards to 3 friends, automatically send reward.

Or if it’s possible to do with 1 friend but not 3 friends, WITHOUT using a separate service, I’d be happy with that.


Did you ever find a solution for this?