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Question about the Organisation field


No so much a bug but… apart from associating multiple contacts to an Organisation, what else can we do with this field?

Is there a page for an Organisation, for example, that lists all contacts, deals and related info?




Hey Lawrence,

For the moment, the best way to see all the contacts in an organization is in the ‘advanced search’ options. You’ll see that if you select ‘organization’ as a field you’ll get a dropdown of all organizations you have in your CRM.

We have grander ideas for this field long term (including a page to manage organizations, and the ability to associate deals or tasks with organizations, rather than just contacts) but they did not make the cut for this round of the CRM enhancements. Hopefully we’ll be able to add them in the future.

Thanks for your interest and feedback.


John Morrison
Product Usability Specialist


Hey Lawrence,

I need to correct myself. We do have an ‘Organizations’ page accessible under ‘Contacts’ in the multi-action button on the top left, although it is not currently complete. I was not aware that it was in the beta currently, we hope to have this complete by launch.


John Morrison
Product Usability Specialist


Hi John,

The page I can access is a list of all Orgs - is this one you mean?

I’m thinking more in terms of an Org profile page, if that makes any sense. Hubspot CRM have a good version of that.




Hey Lawrence,

Yes that page.

As far as individual Organization profiles: we hear you loud and clear.

The team has ideas for things like that. Unfortunately they did not make the cut this time around. But it’s something I, and others, hope to find a way to include in the future.


John Morrison
Product Usability Specialist



Organization field should have more relevance (as in the more popular CRM’s)

At least its own “notes” field , contact data … and it will be ideal to be possible to add custom fields


Hi John,

Can you inform us about this feature. When will it be built in the system? At this moment, there is no possibility to add information about an organization. It does not need to be very enhanced, but as indicated by avantio, a simple notes field (text area) would already be a big plus.

A later phase would be nice to have a physical address here, maybe a fixed phone line, …

Thanks for the update.


Hi @John_Morrison,

I’m new here and really surprised this isn’t part of the CRM. It seems like a no-brainer.
When will we be able to add Organisation profiles?




We are aware this is something people would like and we haven’t ruled it out but we have nothing to announce at this time.



Can we please get an update on when we should get this feature or how to get onto the beta for it?

This is a key function of a CRM and I am shocked it is not included and if it won’t be included soon I will need to look else where.

And can we have a URL field so when we click it it takes us there?


Hi John,

It’s one and a half years later, but I have the idea the ‘organization’ field is still not that relevant/important in the CRM of Active Campaign, while quite a lot of people seem to be looking at it as a key function for any CRM (me included). Am I wrong? Or do you expect anything to change in the upcoming months?

Kind regards,



For the Organisation concept to work best it needs much more sophistication than just a single field (the name of the org) to tie contacts together.

It needs to be an entity by itself that can be described by its own taxonomy - fields like size, revenue, location, sector, etc…

Becoming the ‘parent’ of a contact.


Hi @blinqed,

I know this has been a highly requested functionality and it is on the roadmap for this year, if not sooner.



Please add this functionality. We’re in our 14 day trial right now, and considering a move from Infusionsoft to ActiveCampaign, but not having a clear Organization with it’s own fields doesn’t make sense. For example it’s a real pain to have to do an “Advanced Search”, then “Bulk Edit” individual fields at a time, like the phone, business address, city, zip, etc., etc. Not to mention that you could inadvertently override a “phone” for someone too, thinking/assuming it’s work number, that might be their cell phone. Anyway, yes please enhance this functionality. Also, on that note, it would be great NOT to have to do an Advanced Search, but when in an organization, it shows all of the contacts below it. Or if in a contact, you could click the organization name and it would take you to the Organization page with their info and contacts under that org. Thanks, as we’d really like this functionality.


Hi everyone, Marie here. I am the Product Manager for our Deals CRM. Thanks so much for your feedback. We understand how important having a true organization entity/record is and are planning to release this feature in the March/April timeframe. I am always looking to hear from our customers and understand their experiences using ActiveCampaign, so please reach out to me at if you want to chat more about Organizations or anything else.


Hi Marie, Is this still something planned for release? We have just started using ActiveCampaign and the main issue we have with it is the lack of ability to see an overview of each Organization. Thank you, Lauren


@mavens Hi Lauren, Organizations is still planned to be released. Our adjusted timelines for delivery is before the end of Q2. Please reach out to me directly via email as I’d love to connect, show you some prototypes, and get your feedback. Thanks so much.


Hi John,

Is there any update about the organisation page/profile?
I was hoping to save all org details (i.e. address, phone, etc.) in one place and then linking it to all related contacts.
At the moment, I’m using too many fields in our contacts profile page just to capture all these details.



Hey Mona,

I do know this is on the roadmap for this year and expected in the next month or so. Hope this helps!