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Open modal form with a link in Wordpress


Hi! All right?

I need use a link on my Wordpress page to open the modal form. Is it possible?




Hey Nicolas (@waiargentina),

Here are a couple solutions that might work for you:

Let me know if I missed the mark on this though and we can try and find a better solution.




Hi pleon! And thenks for your response.

I buy the ConvertPlus plugin, and have a integration with ActiveCampaign, but it does not work totally.

I have been able to make the connection between both platforms.

But the only data I receive from my ConvertPlus forms in ActiveCampaign is the email. I do not receive the data from the other fields, not even the name even if they have the same field name.



Hi Nicolas (@waiargentina),

You can try to reach out to our support team, but it might be something you will need to contact ConvertPlus’s support team on.



Hi! The ConvertPlus team was able to help me. I have solved the problem. Thank you very much!


I have the same problem, you can explane me the solution.