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No [Task completed] entry point for automations?


Am I looking in the wrong places or is there no entry point for automations when a task (added to a deal in a pipeline) is completed?

For example:
I run an automation that adds a task to contact a client a.s.a.p.
When this task is completed by a colleague, I want to send out an email to the client asking for feedback.

I expected an entry point in the automations that could trigger this. But now it looks like my colleague would have to set the task completed but also has to remember to manually add the exact tag [Contacted client: something] to trigger a specific automation.

What would be the way to go at this?


When you’re adding a task, you have the option to have automations run when it is completed. I made you a short video showing where to find this setting:

Please let me know if that doesn’t meet your needs.


See? That simple! (if you know where to look, haha)

Thanks Brian!


Actually, I was a bit too excited and forgot it doesn’t actually work in our case haha

Seems like this option only exists for manual tasks and not tasks that are generated by an automation, correct?

For example, as part of welcoming new clients we want to sent out a welcome gift to their home address. I have an automation that waits for custom address fields to be filled out, then I want to automatically create a task for my colleagues to actually sent out the gift by mail. Once they delivered it to the postal company, they should mark the task as complete. Then an automated email should go out to our client, and the client should be moved to the next stage in our pipeline.

The webhooks only have options to trigger when a task is added, not when it’s completed.

What would be the best way going at this?


If I were you, since this is a process, I’d create a pipeline for it in the CRM. Each step of this process would be a stage and you can trigger automations to run as the deal record moves through each stage of the pipeline.

Our CRM is ideal for this kind of contact-oriented process. I think that will completely bypass the issue with the “task completed” trigger (which, you’re right, only applies to manually created tasks). So, after the person got back from the post office, they’d check off the task and then they’d drag the deal record to the next stage. That act of moving the deal record could trigger an automation that created tasks, sent notifications, or whatever you need to happen. That’s the “Deal Stage Changes” trigger.

Let me know if you think this will work or if you see problems with it.


That was pretty much my idea too. The reason why I’ve added the task option to this workflow is a) you can see a list of tasks assigned to you on your dashboard directly after logging in and b) dragging deals on iPad doesn’t seem to work and it takes two screens changing it via clicking/touch. This might become too much of a hassle which will probably result in not filling it in all together. That will then slow things down internally which would be a shame since the tools are there.

So yes, it’s a solution that will work. Not an ideal solution for us I’m afraid though.


You could still create tasks so that they can view a list of todo’s, it’s just that the tasks would be generated by the stage changing and not another task being completed.

The iPad issue is a bit more difficult to overcome but you can change the deal stage from the deal record rather than dragging and dropping from the pipeline overview:

Not interested in talking you into a solution that’s going to be less than ideal, just giving you suggestions on what’s possible. Ultimately, I think you should go with whatever is going to work best for your business.


And I greatly appreciate your thoughts Brian. You’ve been a great help so far.
There is no product that does 100% of any ideal situation, I just need to learn and live with it haha.


Is there any technical reason for not having the “task complete” trigger and/or condition in ActiveCampaign? It would be quite useful, and considering that you can start an automation when a manually created task is completed, I can’t understand why it’s not possible to catch this event from an automation.