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New guide: Getting started with SMS marketing

Sending texts to your contacts can be a very impactful way to communicate quickly. Be sure to set up your lists and automations carefully.

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Is there anyway to trigger automations when sms replies come in? Also, noticing it’s really difficult to see when SMS replies come in at all. To see replies or that there was a reply, we have to go in and look at each contact individually. When we have thousands of people going through an automation this becomes impossible. Please advise.

Inbound SMS messages are for capturing email only. Therefore, we do not provide the ability to capture additional replies outside of their email address.

Does that answer your question?

If you’re looking for a solution that will allow you to have a back-and-forth text message conversation, take a look at:

@Brian this is great! Does it have an programmable AI component like Chatfuel?

Not that I know of and I don’t know if that’s on the roadmap.

I’d reach out to the developer about it. He’s very friendly, customer-centric, and responsive. I’m sure he’d like to discuss it with you.

So why do I get inbound sms replies to my outbound sms messages in automations that can be viewed in the contact record?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. By “capture” I meant the ability to act on the information received. Though you can view the replies you cannot, yet, trigger actions based off of them.

Hi, will SMS be available in New Zealand?

We may add NZ at some point, but I don’t believe it’s planned at the moment. You’re still able to use the SMS feature, it just won’t send from a NZ phone number.

What number will it show from?

The system would choose a number from a country we support at the time of send. If you’re on an Enterprise plan, you can specify the number.