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Monthly Product Update : August

Product Releases - August 2019

Want to stay up to date on what’s new and improved in your ActiveCampaign account? Here, we share brand new features, enhancements and platform’s performance improvements.

Below are the top product releases from August 2019.


CRM :receipt:
New: Accounts are here!
Accounts are available for Plus plans and above. Supported on Deals CRM Mobile app for iOS and Android.
What is it? Accounts provide a way for you to manage customers with multiple contacts at the account level and replaces the ‘Organisation’ field. An account could represent a company, a family, a vertical/department within a company, or a non-profit. This new Account object allows you to see all the contacts in the account, as well as capture account information and use it to segment and personalize emails.
Why is this useful?
Accounts are especially important for B2B customers as this allows you to organize and work in a way that best fits your workflow. It’s also a great way to see the holistic view of an account, all the contacts, and their activities.

CXA :gear:

Enhancement: Search fields when updating contact
Previously: When using the “Update a contact” automation action, you had to scroll through a list of custom fields in order to select the field you wish to update.
Now: The “Update a contact” automation action now includes a search field. You can use this field to quickly find the field you wish to update without having to scroll.

Ecommerce :shopping_cart:

Enhancement: Logic improvement to Ecommerce info
Previously: The Ecommerce box on a contact profile showed up to 20 orders and was sorted oldest to newest.
Now: We now display up to 100 orders. The most recent orders are shown first and the oldest are at the bottom.
Benefits: Easily get a quick glance at the order history for a contact and learn more about what they’re purchasing from you.

Enhancement: Shopify sync update
Previously: Customer phone numbers added to Shopify were not synced with ActiveCampaign.
Now: Customer phone numbers sync to the default Phone field in your ActiveCampaign account.
Benefits: Connect with Shopify customers in a different channel. This will allow you to better personalize communication with your customers and delivering them information where they want to hear from you.
Learn more about the Shopify Deep Data integration

Conversations :speech_balloon:
Enhancement: Agents can now add/remove tags
Previously: Agents using Conversations could not see or edit contact tags within the same context as the conversation.
Now: Agents using Conversations can now easily access tags for known contacts.
Benefits: Allowing Agents to view, add, and remove tags in Conversations empowers them to be more effective communicators with known visitors and provides a more seamless experience between Conversations and other AC features.
Learn more about Conversations.

Translations available for Android
Previously: Content on the Deals CRM app for Android was not available for translation into other languages.
Now: Deal CRM Android app now supports translations in multiple languages.
Benefits: You can now access the information you need on the go and in the language you use everyday!

Platform Performance :zap:
Account notes now AutoSave
Previously: If you navigated away from an account while typing notes, the page might refresh and any unsaved notes were lost.
Now: Account notes now auto-save every few seconds while you’re typing.
Benefits: Perhaps you were mystified by how this feature wouldn’t save your notes - we get it. No more headaches and panic, auto-save to the rescue.

Forms branding :arrows_counterclockwise:
Previously: Form branding logic could be set in two places in your ActiveCampaign account: the form builder and the branding toggle under Account Settings > Appearance.
Now: Form branding logic can be set from the Form Builder only.
Benefits: This helps provide you with a consistent user experience around branding configuration on the form level.

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These are great, and love that we can now get a monthly summary! One request…

PLEASE ask product managers to make a change to how you manage (edit, delete) Labels. This should be in Settings, not having to go to Forms and finding a Label to delete it. Plus they don’t appear to be deleting globally from all areas (like from the automations section).