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Modal Form in Wix Lightbox (Several Issues)


We use Lightboxes on my WIX Website to display a popup for Email Subscriptions. I’m attempting to use an ActiveCampaign Modal Form within my existing WIX Lightbox. I’ve figured out how to use the embed script for my Model Form within my existing WIX Lightbox. I’m however having 2 issues:

  1. WIX Lightboxes include their own “X” for closing the Lightbox popup. I tried disabling this, but then users are not able to close the popup using the ActiveCampaign Modal Form “x”. Clicking the Modal Form “x” leaves the WIX Lightbox open still. So, I’m using the WIX “X” and trying to position it over the Modal “x”. This is clunky - do you have a better solution?
  2. Depending on the browser used, I’m getting scroll bars associated with the WIX Lightbox / Modal popup and this horrid black background around my Modal Form. The scrollbars also mess with the placement of my WIX Lightbox “X”… There has to be a better way to do this.

See below screenshot. Thanks in advance with anyone’s help with this.