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Issues with wait until



I’m new to AC and just getting my automation going. I’ve watched youtube videos, read the guides and for some reason my SUPER simply automation is just not working.

I’m just waiting until a new contact has a tag added. That’s it. But it’s keeps just queueing up. I changed the wait to 5 mins and it worked perfectly. My flow is to enter into the automation, post to zapier, zapier does stuff, and then posts back a coupon tag and sending along custom field values.

But then it get’s stuck on the wait condition. I can’t find any help on the conditions section… is there any documentation around this?

How can I set a wait condition in my automation until my contact has a tag or custom field is NOT NULL


You don’t need to wait until a contact has a tag, the trigger for the automation to start should be Tag Added and then you specify which tag it is in reference to.


I got it to work by breaking my automation into 2 parts.
#1: Trigger Add Subscriber to List —> Post to Zapier
#2: Trigger Add Tag —> Send Email

But it easily be one automation.
Add Subscriber to List
Post to Zapier
WAIT until Tag is added or customfield is not null.
Send Email

I can’t figure out how to use the wait condition since there is no documentation available explaining what parameters the fields can accept.

Can it wait while a custom field is NULL?

Wait until the following conditions are met:
Tag Exists _______
Tag Does not exist _______

COUPONCODE is __________
COUPONCODE Does not contain _________

I am trying to figure out how I can wait while a field is empty… pretty much meaning… wait until my COUPONCODE field has a value or a Tag exists.

If I start a new automation with Tag coupon is added, it works fine. But how can I create a wait condition in one automation to mimic Wait until Tag Coupon is added?


WAIT until Tag is added or customfield is not null.

Is that the word “null” in the field or a blank field? Unfortunately, you can’t perform a wait based on a blank field.


The workaround is to populate the field with something that indicates it’s technically supposed to be empty (the word “NONE”, for example). Then you can wait until the field does not say, “NONE”.