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Is there a way to get the total contact count via the API?


I’m looking to pull the total contact count, like what is shown on the Contact Trends report.




Hey @milotree,

Not directly, but you can use the list_list endpoint. Each list object returned will include a subscriber_count that you can iterate over to get the totals.

This will of course only return users that belong to a list, so it is not perfect and might miss some contacts.


If we are adding users to multiple lists, then it could overcount as well?

My feature request would be to add a subscriber(s)_total variable to the account_view response, or maybe add a contact_total or contact_summary method that returns total contacts.




I know that I can easily retrieve subscriber_count using the API v1 but how to do that via API v3? The return response doesn’t seem to include that information?