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Integration Not Working With Elementor

I am using elementor pro for my wordpress blog.

The form submits and the lead is shown in the contacts of Active Campaign.

But the contact doesnt get subscribed to any list. And hence the automation doesn’t work.

I have already checked in the settings of elementor and the list i have chosen is selected.

You can test it on my home page: bloggingwand(.)com

Please help as it as started to become a headache.

Thinking of switching to other email providers.

The support team doesnt reply and all this is affecting my blog.

Please do help!!

Tanmay Kapse

Hi Tanmay.

It may be that the Elementor forms product you’ve got uses TLS V1.0 and AC no longer supports it as apparently there is a security vulnerability in TLS1.0

Had a similar issue you’re reporting in that some info got over to AC but other stuff didn’t happen (subscribing to lists, adding tags etc)

We moved to Convertbox which is pretty darn good and works a treat!

Hope this helps.


Hi! We have the same problem. I tried to contact the support two times but they didn’t reply.

Instead of the Elementor Pro form we tried with the Active Campaign native one.

We are lunching a community and the support is not helping us.

By the way we have the same problem also with the native form of AC

Hi, i do have the same issue! Using Elementor Pro Form Connection, the contact will be imported to AC, but it won’t be assigned to any list. Thats a real dealbreaker for me now! Anything new about this issue? Thanks!

Same problem here :frowning: Anybody have the solution?

Same issue. Only I can’t change the fields at all. Everything is ‘field 1’. I don’t even have more than one field! :slight_smile:

Same issue here. I tested the API settings directly at the Elementor settings as well as the API credentials inserted to the single form, both did not work.

No support from ActiveCampaign either. Really disappointed!

Had to use Zapier but that is extra cos and more systems to maintain.

Please @ActiveCampaign - fix this issue ASAP! Otherwise i will have to switch…

I created a form in Elementor and was able to get leads added to an AC list and trigger automation. Did you set up the API correctly?

You can use Apiway and connect Elementar PRO with AC

You have to use Webhooks and catch this Webhook in Apiway and after that create or update AC contact