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Images not showing in email draft

Hello! Can someone tell me why my images are not showing up in my draft? They appear when I add them and then they disappear. I’m trying to also crop one and I can’t. Thoughts?

thank you!

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Hi! I have spent hours trying to add images, and they suddenly disappear, a sencond later. How did you solve it?


I logged out and used a different browser. Then I just did a computer restart, logged back in and it has worked ever since. Hope that helps!

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I have this same problem. I’ve tried two different computers, a restart and 3 different browsers. Has anyone else ran into this and solved it?

I can see the image in image manager. When I add it to the email it displays briefly in the box and then it disappears leaving only the broken image icon behind.

Well, I’m pretty frustrated but I did manage to solve my problem.

I uploaded the image again and the new one appears to just work as expected. I did not make any changes to the image. So… in the interest of saving someone else time in the future…

Try uploading your image again before trying anything else!

I’m still having this problem, on Firefox. I’m having problems with a lot of images showing up on Firefox lately. This has only been an issue since we’ve gotten stay-at-home orders and everyone is online. I’m not sure if it’s some kind of bandwidth throttling or something (I’m on Comcast), or if there is a setting in Firefox I can choose that would fix it. Anyone have any ideas?? TIA