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I get this message with bloom integration and I dont know why: "API request failed, please try again."


Hi there!
I use bloom plugin and active campaign in an integration with each other.
When I try to subsribe for my newsletter through my bloom plugin, I dont get the “You’re succesfully subscribed” message, which I should, instead I get this: API request failed, please try again.
I have absolutly no idea why is that and how to fix it.
The interesting thing is that the email adresses automaticly added to my list, even though I get this error message.

I have copy-pasted my API url and API key, which I can find at my active campaign profile. So that API key should be fine.

I also copy pasted my elegant themes API key and user name to the bloom enable updates section, so that key should be fine as well.

I use a paid account and this problem is still active.
Waiting for your response.


Hi @oneminutematcha2,

This is probably something that will need more personalized attention. Do you mind opening a ticket?


I have done that already, but I have not received an answer yet. (which is strange, because I wrote the ticket 2 days ago.)

Here is the ticket:


It’s a known problem:

We have to get the Bloom people to set a variable that will enable autoresponders to be sent when the subscribers are added with the API.


Has this been fixed?