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HTML for dummies in AC?

:wave: Is there a way to edit HTML in Active Campaign (for dummies)? :smiley:

Basically, I DON’T know how to edit HTML code, BUT I have a huge block HTML code that I’d like to tweak and refine WITHOUT having to actually touch the HTML code.

:key: AKA, I’d like to use a Microsoft Word-like editor to bold things, change colors, etc and have it automatically change the HTML.

For example, this website kind of allows you to do what I’m talking about: BUT in a clumsy way and with ads.

:thinking: Can AC do better? Please help! Thanks!

You could try Coffeecup Free HTML editor. Not much to purchase it. I’m not an expert with HTML and find it not that intuitive but you can locate the screen display and the code will show up as the page. You can tweak from there. AC is not intended to be an HTML editor. What it is intended to do it does great but not that. And a bump for ‘Pages’. The team did a great job on the landing page editor. Anybody can do it.