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Howto?: Won Deal Creates New Deal in Different Pipeline

Hey Guys:

Our company works with two pipelines, 1) product development and 2) product order. After we finish developing a product, we are expecting an order for that product. I’d like to have any product development we’ve “won” to trigger a creation for a new deal in our 2) product order pipeline. The crucial point, however, is that some of the deal information from the “won” deal must be transferred to the new “open” deal created in the product order pipeline.

How would you recommend this?

I’ve considered the following:

Webhook to Zapier on deal update, filter all deal updates which aren’t “won”, then use Zapier to create an appropriately named deal in the product order pipeline. After trying this, I found that the Zapier filter works once and then no longer triggers on deal update.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


p.s. If there’s no filter on the “Deal Update” causing a new deal to be created by Zapier, then expect any deal change to create an endless loop of new deals created. Just a heads up if you were to workshop this.

I would also be interested in such a feature. Marking a Deal as “won” and then creating another deal with the same information in a different pipeline. You can set an automation which does that but if i do this the information “Deal was closed in Stage 1” gets lost because the deal moves to Stage 2.