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How to use the Site Messages BETA


I have removed the automation where I used it and deactivated the tracking on my site. If you want to check I can re-activate site tracking so you can see how it shows up.


@campagne - If you experience the issue again, shoot me an email and I can take a look.


Well… the problem isn’t solved. I had to remove the site tracking code and the Wordpress AC plugin to remove the message.

I can activate it again so you can see what goes wrong. Do you have time to look into it?


@tjahn You can see it on You should see it on the homepage. I think you have to optin to see it. You can use the form on the homepage.

Don’t worry… no big funnel after optin :wink:


@campagne - I signed up but didn’t see anything. Can you send me a screenshot/video of the issue? tjahn at activecampaign dot com.