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How to update custom fields via API v1?


I’m using API v1 because there is already a wrapper for it and it’s pretty simple. I can update a contact based on the “contact_sycn” method for contact name. But I can’t find any documentation or examples of what I need to do to update a custom field. Nothing that I’ve tried so far is working. The setup that I have is below and when I call the method I get a success message with first/last name fields updated, but custom_field is not updated. What do I need to do and where is the documentation on this?

$acArray = array(
    "email"                 => $email,
    "first_name"         => $f_name'
    "last_name"          => $l_name,
    "custom_field"      => "custom field value",

$acResult = $ac->api( "contact_sync", $acArray);


you can find how to update custom fields in the example at the end of the contact_sync documentation

contact_sync v1