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How to tag with URL of page visit?


I would like to add a tag based on what pages were visited (as per tracking).

Let’s say I have 1 page for each of my 10 products and visitor goes to, how can I extract it from the URL and add a “product_1” tag ?

I would like some dynamic solution, rather than an automation, because we have a large list of products and it is regularly changing.


Hey @michel602,

I’m curious how you plan on using the tags? This could probably be achieved, but I’d like to take a step back and think about why tags?

The pages a contact has visited will always be available to you inside the segment builder, so if you plan on tagging every page they visit, this is actually redundant.

Instead, I would actually use the “has visited” inside the segment builder, automations, conditional blocks in email, etc… to accomplish what you would like to accomplish.

Does that make sense?


very interesting pov.

I asked because I need to have that information available in the CRM for when we are interacting live with a contact.

We’re in real estate and we need the info as they represent codes of the homes leads were interested in and we can make a better job helping them.

It would be more practical for us to read :

Has_visited (custom field) : abc123, ghr54, rem127, etc

than having the full urls lists.

If it’s not possible to extract the last part of the urls from within AC, how could I get the full urls to be added to a custom field ?
That would be helpfull because we need to send the info to Pipedrive, the CRM we use to follow up with leads.