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How to request the BETA

To participate in the Shopify & Site Messaging BETA, simply email with an account URL that you’d like to have updated with the BETA.

This is a true beta, so there may be bugs, quirks, and odd behaviors that you encounter. Therefore, we recommend testing things out with a trial account before upgrading an account that has your mission critical data.

We value your insights and encourage you to let us know of any and all feedback, positive or negative, you have as you explore the new features of this BETA.

Hey @tjahn
Looks great!
I’m in the beta now and happy to be in it… but for now I’m only ready to be testing the “site message” tool you gave us.
I have no shopify and the empty ecommerce block is taking up quite a lot of real estate on my screen for contacts. Is there a way to temporarily turn of the ecommerce box on the contacts page or to relocate this below the “tasks/Notes/Email” box?

@sidelinesports - There is no way for you to hide that but I think it’s a good idea for us to just hide that panel if there is no data to show in it. I’ll set that in motion. Thanks!

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