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How to find out the Lead Source?


Hi Guys,

I have spoken to over 6 staff in AC campaigns and they could not tell me how to find out which campaigns are generating leads for me (this is what their system offers on the attribution page).
The problem is that AC only tracks and records any interaction that happens after the contact fill in a form but it does not show me what happened before, differently than other apps I use, such as HubSpot and Chatra.

In practice, it happens like this:
1- A person clicks on one of our ads (on Google, Facebook, etc).
2- Land on a page with a form, but if this visitor fills in the step 1 of my form (Email + Company Size), it will bring the lead to the next page.
3- In the next page, we ask for name, company name, telephone number and what system they use at the moment. If the visitor fills in the form, AC will show me this page as the page they visited, but none before.

I am still with the Hubspot script on my site and it shows me the lead source (first pages visited prior submitting the form) but somehow it does not work with a form that has a tick box and I am losing the lead source of some of my leads.

Does anyone know a way to find out the very first URL where the new lead landed so I can see the UTM and set up automation/conversion/calculate my ROI?

Thank you in advance! I appreciate any help, idea, suggestion.


Would love to see this answered as well. Attribution has always been painful with AC compared to HubSpot.


Here’s a solution you may find helpful:


Hi @robc,

Thank you for sharing it.

Interesting, but what happens if the very first link has no UTM? Can you still track the very first URL the visitor landed? For example, my last lead landed on our Pipedrive Integration Page. Possibly it’s a Pipedrive user and the source is “Google Organic Search” (no UTM). But this lead visited 12 pages on our website prior to submitting the form, which the last one is shown on AC.

I’ve noticed that ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Pipedrive, and tons of other CRM do not offer full visitor website tracking and we should work around by ourselves. Even Hubspot offers it but hard to properly use this data to build workflow and custom actions.

I’m currently developing a tool to integrate with CRM systems to, not only show this data but provides the business conversion-focused actions. Soon, I’ll ping you here once the MVP is ready.


We have a marketing analytics tool that does this (and much more) for Infusionsoft already, and I’m just building out the ActiveCampaign integration right now. I don’t know the restrictions on posting links to 3rd party products here, but would be happy to share details with you if you’re interested.

We also support AdWords & Facebook Ads, and are about to release Bing Ads support as a beta feature.


interested to hear more


@boundlesssuccess, I’ll post this, and please somebody let me know if it’s not allowed…

You can read all about what we offer at

I’m one of the developers. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


Hey @developyourmarketing - i would be interested to hear about your analytics tool. Currently trying to improve my lead tracking for adwords and attribution purposes… my email is hunter(at)stockoptioncoach(dot)com. Look forward to hearing from you!



I am not able to track organic leads can you please help me out with that?


Did something change regarding this topic? Tracking which funnel works best (without paying for a 3rd party tool) would be great and a huge deal to use ActiveCampaign