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How do you use Activity Comments?


Our business uses Asana for internal team communication and task management. As part of our workflow, we create a new Asana task for leads to discuss that lead within Asana (because the commenting and notifications are awesome).

Recently, I was looking at ActiveCampaign’s activities and noticed the “comment” function, and the ability to tag people with @. (I think it’s been there for a while, but I just noticed).

Anyway, when I @ tag someone, how are they notified?

Is anyone using Activity Comments with much success? If so, how do you use it?


It’s hit or miss with us… Most of the time we try to @someone and it wont actually hyperlink the text and message them. Tried on different browsers but no luck, kind of a bummer it doesn’t work completely. Would love to use this more.

I believe the notifications go to the users email. It would be awesome if they had a widget on the login screen for comments.


That’s a bummer to hear. It’s annoying to have to link ActiveCampaign to another platform just to discuss deals in our pipeline. Double entry, time wasted, sync issues, etc all come up. Would love to eliminate that and move to one platform.