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How do you keep up to date?

I’m looking for some new tools to keep me up-to-date.

I like to consider myself pretty savvy, and in the know. That said, I feel like my way of getting news, insight, and all other things is a little fragmented. Right now I’m all over the place. I use Pocket on the train, a few Nuzzle lists, GrowthHackers, Reddit, and more and more my Facebook Timeline.

What are my fellow ActiveCampaigners using? Just one, or are you like me? I’m very interested to know!

I use the Fox News app to get notifications on Breaking News. Bleacher Report for Breaking News on my favorite sports teams. Facebook for other news. Oh, and I actually do still use an RSS reader (ReadKit) for a few blogs I keep an eye on.

I"m still a huge RSS fan for keeping up with industry news. I thought I might die when Google Reader shut down… but I’ve become a big Feedly fan.

& for breaking news I find myself jumping on Twitter… like yesterday when Paypal went down, I quickly opened twitter to see what was going on.