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Help me quickly understand what AC API can do


I am trying to do some research before passing along instructions for my developer. I am a AC reseller and the biggest limitation i have right now is that I cannot have my clients access an Active Campaign account directly from their (PHP Code ignitor) Content Management System we have developed for them for their websites. Meaning they login to our CMS, then when they click on EmaiL Marketing button they are at a login screen for Active Campaign. I was told AC does not offer a single sign on solution except for Internet Explorer. This was probably over a year ago. I am wondering if anyone has experience with this being still the case?

Next issue is a lot of my clients do not have their own AC platforms, and all their automations run in the background on a Master Account we only can access. However they often want to take a contact out of Automations, because maybe they had an in person or a phone conversion.

I would like the ability to have a “UNSUBSCRIBE” option next to their name in my LEADS section of my CMS, that sends an API call to Active Campaign to Unsubscribe the contact, so that they are taken out of the automated email flows. Is this possible?

Finally, is there a way for an email template that might be in an automation to be edited remotely via API? For example, lets’ say my client’s have 5 emails in a sequence go out to all their subscribers. Would i be able to create an interface with a WYSIWYG editor of the default text, ahve them edit it and send out an edit to AC via API?

The short version is that i need to try as much as possible remotely from within our platform, but there is no clear explanation i can find on the Active Campaign website about what is possible or not. Any “non developer” language explanation would be super appreciated, that way I can dig deeper and see if i can stick to active campaign or if im better of finding a platform that is built for API .

Thank you!