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Gravityform remove tag from AC


Hey everyone, I just migrated from Drip and I facing a very annoying problem with the Gravityform integration. See with the Drip Gravityform plugin I can add or remove tags from Drip but with the AC Gravityform plugin you can only add a tag. The thing is that I use form on my WordPress to show/hide content based on tag. Basically my form have an email field that is hidden and auto populated with the user email and show only a checkbox list that normally will add or remove tag. But with the AC plugin I can only add tag which for now force me to create an automation to remove tag when a specific tag is added which is redondant and not really user friendly.

So my question is, do you guys know or have any idea around this problem and do AC planned on adding the “remove tag” option on the Grvityform integration?