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Getting Contact Automations in API


Hello. I have an automation which essentially is an email series “course” made out of 25 emails. In my app I am trying to call the API and retrieve up until which email a user has received. (eg. user A has received 12/25 emails, user B 17/25 etc.). I tried both “contactAutomations/id” and "contacts/id/contactAutomations" endpoints, which I think return pretty much the same data, and I am not sure I have the data I need. I can see completedElements and totalElements but they don’t seam to be what I’m looking for.

Any insights or suggestions would be very much appreciated!!



I found a solution for my use case but would really like to understand the response from /contactAutomations if anyone has more experience with it.

By the way my solution in case anyone is in similar situation, was to edit a custom field for the subscriber after sending each email. Then just read this custom field and depending on its value shown whatever needs to be shown.