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Feature update: Chrome Extension 3.0 now available

The ActiveCampaign Chrome extension has been decoupled from Gmail. Now you can manage your ActiveCampaign account and add contacts from anywhere online.

Read more on the blog.

@Brian, I’ve noticed some odd things since the 2017-02-28 update

At first I couldn’t figure out why I had all these new contacts in AC that aren’t subscribed to any lists and are some odd email addresses, like the ‘secret’ email note to Evernote email address.

I realized these started after AC Chrome extension updated on Feb 28.
I have “Track my Gmail Messages by default” turned OFF. I don’t want all these contacts added to AC by default.

How do we turn off adding all the Gmail emails we sent to AC? Or, can they fix the extension so it goes back to correct behavior?

Hi Matt,

Looks like you’ve found a bug. We’ll investigate and release a fix soon. Thank you.

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Hey all,

As probably most gmail users I have several e-mail addresses linked to my gmail account. So I’m NOT a big fan of this “track all by default” feature at all. And being human I often forget clicking the AC button below to track an e-mail that I want to be tracked… so this is not working for me !

My suggestion would be to reconfigure the “track all by default” so only those mails sent by the e-mail address linked to the AC account would be tracked.

I’ve already added this months ago to the “suggestion box” here but so far no feedback on this unfortunately. I truly love using AC but this is really becoming a pain in the *** when e-mails are not being tracked because sometimes/often it goes wrong clicking the AC button… Another possible solution could be clicking this button after the mail has been sent already resulting in tracking it anyway without resending it of course… similar for example to other CRM solutions using track & trace buttons in gmail.

Thanks for the feedback, Ernst. We’ll continue updating and improving the extension. At the moment we don’t have a feature for that specific functionality planned, but you’ve taken the right step by submitting it as feedback. As we receive that feedback more, it’ll get bumped up in priority.

If anyone else would like to see this improvement implemented, please submit to us here.

Since users who get added to AC from this plugin, who don’t have a list they are added to, it might be wise to create some automation functionality for people not in ANY list. Right now there is a big hole here and the only way to find these people is to manually go to contacts and search for those who are not in any list.