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Exporting not working like previous

Previously if you searched upon various options you get a subset of your list. From there you could export that subset of users only. Currently the export button exports all users no matter what is filtered.

Also the export csv file the IP address of the individuals is missing.

Thanks for reporting! Getting this in our development backlog to be fixed – shouldn’t be long.

Also it appears searching with custom fields yields no results as well when I know specific entries are within column.

Unable to replicate this one. Could you PM a specific example/url?

I’ll test some more and comment on this but as of today it appears it is working from the search queries I recently did.

Has this issue been fixed yet? I am still experiencing this in my account. I cannot export a subset of my list using the search function like before.

Anything on this yet?

The way to fix this is to clear your cache (or login from a new browser) and that will fix this issue.