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Export Reports to a Spreadsheet

Is it possible to export reports into a excel spreadsheet?

It would be ideal to have columns like:
Email Name / Email Subject Line / Sends / Opens / Clicks / Opens % / Click %

Is it possible to do this for Campaigns as well as for Automations?



This is exactly what i need to do as well. I cannot believe that ActiveCampaign will not support downloading data directly, but instead forces us to use their canned on-screen reports.

I’m currently working on a workaround to it. I’m using zapier and then pointing any new campaign to an excel sheet. I’m needing to show a continues updating of campaign reporting with a very simplified view of only opens, clicks, unsubs, and bounces. Mailchimp offices this as an Office 365 Connector for Sharepoint sites which is what I had been using prior to switching to ActiveCampaign. This was perfect for reporting a chronological view of campaigns sent that would update once a week and send an email to invested team members.

If you’re an Admin, you can already download reporting data. Go into the Campaigns Performance or Automations Performance views then hover your mouse at the end of the table header row and you should get a 3-dot menu icon. Click this to download the data into a spreadsheet.

Yeah, however, what I’d like to do is pull that information right from the source “ActiveCampaign” as campaigns update to a dashboard for owners etc. I’d like to do that without having to jump too many loops.

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Consider voting for this feature here.

I do the same thing you are doing but I am using a Zapier alternative to send Active Campaign data to my Excel sheet.
I track open rates, clicks and bounces.