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Event tracking made simple?

Hi all,

I have tried to understand event tracking and am getting a bit lost here. I looked at different blogs (eg. How to Setup ActiveCampaign Event Tracking), read several posts and looked at the PHP API wrapper.

Here is the configuration:

  • Wordpress
  • ActiveCampaign plugin installed in wordpress
  • Landingpage with a download button
  • People get to the landingpage via an email which includes a link to the download page. This email is send via ActiveCampaign

I want to track if a person actually pressed the button to download. This shouls be straight forward and sounds simple, right?

Options I have looked into but were not succesful:

  • I have looked into but I have no clue how to get the persons email address into BigPicture.
  • Since I have the ActiveCampaign plugin installed I assumed just inserting an onclick=“ac_events(event name, value)” would do the trick. I tried this but nothing showed up in my ActiveCampaign dashboard.

I did find two plugins that help (both of them track any event which seems a bit too much I think):

  • Integratepro ($18)
  • functionalfunnels (free or paid)

I have found a couple of posts where button clicks were mentioned but the answers were not really helpful to me. Eihter they did not provide a clear picture to me or there were examples where all your credentials would fly free over the internet.

Anyone has a straight forward dummy proof approach to this? Or someone who can help me sort this out? When it works I am happy to put together a comprehensive how to manual…


Sorted, for free :wink: Just reply if you are interested in the solution.

Yes, what is the solution?

You can do that when you setup the form and insert the button. Look in your options in the panel to set it.

Since it is the download page with only a download button and not a form that doesn’t work.

Here is how I did it. BTW I am not affiliated to the any of the companies below). You only need minimal technical skills. No real programming needed.

The solution I have created with this is as follows.

  • Leadpage with sign-up form (Thrive Architect and AC HTML API integration)
  • AC shoots a confirmation email to the subscriber.
  • In this email there is a link to the download page with “?email=…emailaddress…” added (see cookies etc.)
  • GTM sets up a cookie
  • Suscriber clicks on the download button and a PDF is downloaded
  • At the same time GTM monitors the button click and sends an event (based on the button click) to AC
  • Based on the AC Event my campaign sends a follow up email one week later

Let me know if you’ve found this useful.

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Take a look at might be easiest.

Why not just go straight to download from the confirmation email that you’re sending and eliminate the need to do any of that?

Trying to accomplish the same thing as you and am having a bit of trouble.

I’ve gotten the click trigger and tag to fire, but how would I get the email address of someone who clicked a link on one of my campaigns to get passed to Google Tag Manager? I’ve added “?email=%EMAIL%” to the end of my link and have created a data layer variable with the name “email”, which is then included in the image URL for the tag I’m firing. But the data layer variable keeps responding “undefined”.

What am I missing here?