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Email Scheduler Not Working - Sending Emails Immediately

Hi everyone - I’m hoping that someone else can shed some light on this issue I’ve been having for almost 2 weeks. I am scheduling one-off emails (not in an automation), and I get a confirmation for the time that it’s scheduled, and then when I get back to the campaigns page, the email is already distributing.

It doesn’t happen every time I schedule an email, but it’s happened enough that I know I can’t trust the scheduling tool. I just tried to schedule something for tomorrow morning (3/3/2020 @ 11 AM), and when I returned to the campaigns page, it said the email was scheduled for 11/30/1901 at 1 AM. I went ahead and unscheduled all the emails I had just set up.

The support team has responded to my ticket but has no feedback or information for me regarding the problem in almost 2 weeks time. Their suggestion right now is to just schedule the emails in real time.

Is anybody else experiencing this issue as well?