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Email not being delivered on Yahoo accounts



For some reason, anyone with a Yahoo account is not receiving email through my automations. I would love some help being pointed in the right direction to try and troubleshoot this. I’ve tried searching, but haven’t had much luck.

In same configuration, Gmail accounts received all the emails test.



I am having the same problem


Hi there,
This information may shed some light on your issue:
Yahoo does not have a formal blacklist and they do not block our sending IPs, but they do heavily throttle inbound mail. This manifests itself in messages sometimes delivering very late, sometimes hours late, which is essentially the same as not getting them at all.
This usually happens if you are a new ActiveCampaign user and still warming up your sending reputation with Yahoo, sharing IPs with other new ActiveCampaign users which are especially prone to Yahoo throttling. It also applies to Hotmail/Outlook. This can also happen if you have low open rates.