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Email font and colors

Is there a secret to getting the font color of an email to change and stay the new color?

I copied the color from one email “#202224”, created a new email from the same template, copied the text for the body of the email from my google doc, colors are all messed up so I selected the text within the editor, clicked the font color button in the toolbar, clicked MORE, and entered in the hex value. During this process, the text of my email deselected and now the color of the text in the body is some OTHER color, not the one it previously was and not the one I tried to change it to.

Is it me, or are others having formatting issues when creating an email within AC?

Day two of creating emails where the font always defaults to Ariel, even though I select Verdana before copying text, even after highlighting text and changing to verdana, the text changes back to ariel.

I am still having trouble getting the font color to stay what I select, or even select text to change the color.

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand and can’t get the markup editor to work?

I’m confused, and any help is appreciate.

This has been happening for a long time, I just went on to some older forums in 2017 and they were have the same issues as we are now. Still can’t seem to keep the font/color the same. And sometimes my text gets highlighted grey, but there’s no highlighter feature to undo it. Wish they would fix this soon

Totally agree. It drives me CRAZY that every single time I put in a new text box or even when I copy and paste a correctly formatted text box from one text box to another the font goes back to Arial. Creates a lot more work and is risky since it’s easy to mistakenly overlook. I don’t understand why they can’t create a default font for your whole account. If you can do that with link color seems it should be possible with fonts.

Has anybody tried copying your text from a notepad document, instead of Google Docs?

That way the formatting is clean.

I understand that may ruin all your other formatting (bullet points, etc.) and that you have to reformat everything. But I’m usually able to get formatting to behave the way I choose if I bring over unformatted text.

Let me know if it works for you too.